#ditalnomads #smartworking

#ditalnomads #smartworking

Who are the “digital nomads”? They are subjects who are not obliged to always work in a fixed position! They move. They can start the day at home, then take a train or an airplane and have an appointment in Rome or Stuttgart. In mid-afternoon they have a conference call and in the evening they have an online course. Meanwhile in the world does not stop; you receive emails, you must send reports, submit offers … ….


I consider myself one of them, more precisely, a sub-category, a turnover-hunter. I move between Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome, looking for business for my company.

What do these people need? They remain linked to a “big obligation of result” towards the company or towards oneself.


Well then you have to give the rhythm, you have to organize yourself.


  • Youl live by making lists and checking the result
  • You haven’t a fix office 
  • You must be pragmatic, when you open a possibility of closing the deal, act and close.
  • You must say no, you must rationalize your time and your strength to the maximum by deciding where to invest them.
  • You care your Communication or better when: synchronous or asynchronous? I would be for 80-20? On 100 mails that arrive to me,  I tend to answer in an “asynchronous” way,  taking the right time, at 80%.  Only at 20% do I give  immediate feedback.
  • Last aspect, here I am part of who I want to examine is how these digital nomads move.  Smart Mobility. They don’t need  a car,  scooter…..  they  need only a smart phone and via app they  buy air tickets, trains and rent a car. In  general they prefer mobility services with characteristics: user-friendly, easy and scalable.   In particular, for Italian contest, the service must address to own company (they need to put vat number on the expense)






Sites, Articles and Authors to deepen:


Giovanni Battista Pozza 







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