#Mobility revolution is coming….


mobilità dolce

By now, from October 2013, I have been working in car2go. I can proudly say that we participated actively and with a predominant role in the mobility revolution in Italy. We were the first, those with the most intuitive and the smartest. What an adventure guys!


Then  friends of Mytaxi and Flixbus arrived. Like us, everything is easy and  Smartphone-based.

Another important step, given I deal with b2b, was the opinion of the Agenzia dell’Entrate on the deductibility of the car.

Step by step: it is opening in my opinion, another world with the possibility to rent, not just buy, the buses. I am not an expert in this area, but I am always in favor of possession and variable costs!

Last but not least, because you must always have an eye on the local, is the opening of the bike depot in Pavia Rail Station. You image  how it would encourage a smoother mobility, the opening of such sites at every junction point, in every city or in every Italian village.

I was forgetting another fundamental step: the possibility of buying Trenord tickets through Satispay. Just queues, just cash, with two clicks you can even buy a Trenord ticket.

Because I mentioned cars, bikes, trains and bus hire etc … because as a citizen I say that better mobility will be achieved with greater integration of the actors involved in mobility.

So the road is long (but) and something moves.


The better mobility is moving on! How the peaple moves,   is important. End the things? something is happened! do you know in Italy, do you Po’ river? See here   

Isola Serafini’s navigation basin, in the Piacenza area –
the most important hydraulic engineering project ever built in Italy,
is ready.
Po river returns to be a strategic waterway for
business and tourism from the Adriatic to Milan.

Something new?

Sure every moment see this: Blockchain and urban mobility!

and then the big bang.

Here there are a lot of imput, similar to a Brain Storming!  Only trying all these new mobility tools, we  will be able to live better!



Ps: if you really want to be informed about mobility the names to follow are:




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