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marzo 26, 2018
#ditalnomads #smartworking

#ditalnomads #smartworking

Who are the “digital nomads”? They are subjects who are not obliged to always work in a fixed position! They move. They can start the day at home, then take a train or an airplane and have an appointment in Rome or Stuttgart. In mid-afternoon they have a conference call and in the evening they have an online course. Meanwhile in the world does not stop; you receive emails, you must send reports, submit offers … ….


I consider myself one of them, more precisely, a sub-category, a turnover-hunter. I move between Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome, looking for business for my company.

What do these people need? They remain linked to a “big obligation of result” towards the company or towards oneself.


Well then you have to give the rhythm, you have to organize yourself.


  • Youl live by making lists and checking the result
  • You haven’t a fix office 
  • You must be pragmatic, when you open a possibility of closing the deal, act and close.
  • You must say no, you must rationalize your time and your strength to the maximum by deciding where to invest them.
  • You care your Communication or better when: synchronous or asynchronous? I would be for 80-20? On 100 mails that arrive to me,  I tend to answer in an “asynchronous” way,  taking the right time, at 80%.  Only at 20% do I give  immediate feedback.
  • Last aspect, here I am part of who I want to examine is how these digital nomads move.  Smart Mobility. They don’t need  a car,  scooter…..  they  need only a smart phone and via app they  buy air tickets, trains and rent a car. In  general they prefer mobility services with characteristics: user-friendly, easy and scalable.   In particular, for Italian contest, the service must address to own company (they need to put vat number on the expense)






Sites, Articles and Authors to deepen:

Giovanni Battista Pozza




#Safe Havens

marzo 2, 2018

c workingI like exploring. Find me in new situations. Discover unknown places.
Doing the same thing everyday drives me crazy.
In addition, as my friend Diego Divenuto says, there are no longer
the fixed objectives of the legendary Smart.
Everything changes very quickly and the new password is V.u.c.a. :

Volatility, Uncertainty , Complexity and Ambiguity

are terms taken from the military, from the American army. What does this mean for an urban explorer looking for perennial turnover, like me? You have to have comfortable places to work, where to sit with a coffee and a fast and safe network. These places remind me of the landings that sailors use before and after long journeys.

I recommend three: 3 coworking.

  • the first one is ufficidiportavolta: it is in Milan, close to everything.
    It has an exceptional quality / price ratio.
  • The second or the second are the Talent Garden coworking: they are in many parts of Italy (and not only). Attending to them, following them and reading their books means understanding how digitalization will change everything.
  • The third parties are the friends of here I am a bit involved. I closed a co-marketing with them. In addition to having created beautiful places to work, their co-working have the advantage of being deeply Italians !!


Mi piace esplorare. Trovarmi in situazioni nuove. Scoprire posti sconosciuti. Fare tutti i giorni la stessa cosa mi fa impazzire. In piu’ come dice il mio amico Diego Divenuto non esistono più gli obiettivi fissi i mitici Smart. Tutto cambia velocissimamente e la nuova parola d’ordine è V.u.c.a. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity e sono termini  presi dall’ambito militare, dall’esercito americano.

Questo cosa vuol dire per un esploratore urbano alla ricerca perenne di fatturato, come me? Devi avere dei posti comodi in cui lavorare, dove sederti con un caffè e una rete veloce e safe. Questi luoghi mi ricordano gli approdi  che i marinai usano prima e dopo dei lunghi viaggi.

Io ve ne consiglio tre: 3 coworkings.

  • Il primo è ufficidiportavolta: è a Milano, vicino a tutto. Ha un rapporto qualità prezzo eccezionale.
  • Il secondo o i secondi sono i coworking di Talent Garden: sono in tantissime parti d’Italia (e non solo). Frequentarli, seguirli e leggere i loro libri vuol dire capire come la digitalizzazione cambierà tutto.
  • I terzi sono gli amici di qui sono un po’ coinvolto. Ho chiuso un co-marketing con loro. Oltre ad avere creato dei posti bellissimi in cui lavorare, i loro co-working hanno il pregio di essere profondamente italiani!!




#Mobility revolution is coming….

marzo 1, 2018


mobilità dolce

By now, from October 2013, I have been working in car2go. I can proudly say that we participated actively and with a predominant role in the mobility revolution in Italy. We were the first, those with the most intuitive and the smartest. What an adventure guys!


Then  friends of Mytaxi and Flixbus arrived. Like us, everything is easy and  Smartphone-based.

Another important step, given I deal with b2b, was the opinion of the Agenzia dell’Entrate on the deductibility of the car.

Step by step: it is opening in my opinion, another world with the possibility to rent, not just buy, the buses. I am not an expert in this area, but I am always in favor of possession and variable costs!

Last but not least, because you must always have an eye on the local, is the opening of the bike depot in Pavia Rail Station. You image  how it would encourage a smoother mobility, the opening of such sites at every junction point, in every city or in every Italian village.

I was forgetting another fundamental step: the possibility of buying Trenord tickets through Satispay. Just queues, just cash, with two clicks you can even buy a Trenord ticket.

Because I mentioned cars, bikes, trains and bus hire etc … because as a citizen I say that better mobility will be achieved with greater integration of the actors involved in mobility.

So the road is long (but) and something moves.


The better mobility is moving on! How the peaple moves,   is important. End the things? something is happened! do you know in Italy, do you Po’ river? See here   

Isola Serafini’s navigation basin, in the Piacenza area –
the most important hydraulic engineering project ever built in Italy,
is ready.
Po river returns to be a strategic waterway for
business and tourism from the Adriatic to Milan.

Something new?

Sure every moment see this: Blockchain and urban mobility!

and then the big bang.

Here there are a lot of imput, similar to a Brain Storming!  Only trying all these new mobility tools, we  will be able to live better!



Ps: if you really want to be informed about mobility the names to follow are: